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Firehouse Moustache Wax- Wacky Tacky, 1 oz. tin

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Wacky Tacky Moustache Wax
  • Superior all-day hold for your ‘stache or beard. “Wacky Tacky” moustache wax ('Tacky' for short) is the darkest of our waxes and a customer favorite. Easy application with no need to reapply. (See our "Tips for Applying Wax" page for more detailed application instructions: )
  • Tame, train, style & control facial hair all day in any kind of weather.
  • Blends best with brown to black facial hair. Due to the natural variances in the waxes used, it can sometimes be darker or lighter than shown. Goes on lighter than it looks in the tin.
  • There are no dyes or fragrances in our waxes. Both color and scent come naturally from the waxes used.
  • The main difference between our Tacky and Dark waxes is the Tacky is usually darker in color and tackier in texture.
  • Handmade and poured in small batches by Fireman John in the USA.
  • Wax comes in a 1 ounce slip cover tin which can easily slide into your pocket.
  • 25 cents from the sale of each tin is donated to our charity of the year (see our 'About Us' page for more info. on the charity:

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  • 5

    Posted by Ralph Deitrick on May 31st 2020

    Be aware, I have a horseshoe and I am not trying to handlebar or Dali. I use this wax as a sculpting wax to control very wiry, hard to control hair. I am going to combine my reviews of the Light and the Tacky. I was concerned with the plethora or reviews about the Tacky (and the dark) adding color. My mustache is 99% gray so I did not want the added color. I found no detectable color with either wax applied on top of the hairs or on the tails that hand below my chin. I find the Tacky much easier to work with out of the tin. It seems to be more pliable than the Light. I also get all day hold with the Tacky. The Light is more difficult to work with out of the tin but if feels more "natural" in its hold. I also find I have to reapply the Light once during the day. I would imagine that softening the wax (as discussed on the "tips for applying" page) would work, but I really have no interest in going through that/those additional steps. The scent is unscented but there is a beeswax smell to both waxes I have tried. If I have a desire to have a scent, I just apply a top application of a wax that I like the smell of but I don't use it at all for hold. Clean up is quite easy. Wax is dissolved by oil. Clean up of my fingers is as simple as a drop of two of peanut oil on my fingers, rub, and wipe away. At night, before my shower, I massage in a good quality beard balm and then shower. This method removes the wax and moisturizes the hair and skin. This is an A+ product! Buy it!

  • 5

    Posted by David on Oct 11th 2018

    Great hold that lasts all day. Nice natural scent and it doesn't irritate the skin. 5/5 I'll be purchasing again.

  • 5
    Firehouse tacky

    Posted by Mike Hartsoch on Jun 11th 2018

    I work as a lineman in North Dakota. I work in some of the coldest temps in the country. This wax has proven itself in the -30s (windchill). In the summer, it has proven itself on the job as well! Not only at work, but also at the lake!

  • 5

    Posted by Isiah Alvarado on Jun 4th 2018

    I recently was using Stache Bomb, they were okay - Greesy, DECENT hold, Girlfriend hated the smell , but that wax was okay for a natural looking Stache. Right out of the tin I’m impressed with this tacky wax, Smell is vey subtle and the hold is impressively strong and shipping was fast. FIRM Handshakes to the owner(s) if this company . I’d highly recommend if anyone was on the fence, look no further, FireHouse Mustache Wax will get you right!!!

  • 5
    Sticky icky

    Posted by Andrew on Mar 6th 2018

    Wacky Tacky. Holy firehose this stuff is tacky. It really holds well. I normally don't handlebar, but I use it to keep my 'stache out of my mouth and nice looking. I was hesitant with the "all day hold" claim. As long as I don't eat it will hold up all day. I have no problem reapplying after eating lunch. I was used to applying normal wax 3-4 times a day before to keep it looking nice. I'd really love to know what resin is in here. The smell reminds me of brown grease or an auto shop....Or even better, a firehouse.

  • 5
    Best I've tried so far

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19th 2018

    I am fairly new to trying to style facial hair. My facial hair is pretty thick, wiry, and all over the place. This stuff puts it in place and holds for most of the day, not all. I still have issues if I want to do a hard curl but it works well with a soft curl. I might just need more practise. A hair dryer does help with it though.

  • 4

    Posted by IMAO38 on Jan 18th 2018

    Awesome wax! A little tough to work with when cold, but it holds great. The only change I'd make? I wish Firehouse wax came in a rectangle tin like Fisticuffs wax; Its easier to carry in your pocket and it will also hold the Kent mustache comb. Firehouse tacky is a great wax that I'll keep using.

  • 5
    Wacky Tacky

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2018

    Great wax! Goes on real well and smells good!

  • 5
    Firehouse Wacky Tacky

    Posted by Keith Glasgow on Jan 11th 2018

    Best wax out there! Easiest to apply with the best hold.